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Get this Android music app for free and download mp3 files to your phone or tablet with a single touch.

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Why do you choose Best Music Downloader?

It's free, it's light, it's eye candy and it works on your device.

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Check out whats new on the global stream or find your well known favorites.


Play music files directly - no registrations, no waiting. Just music!

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Download the song in .mp3 format on your Android device with two clicks!.

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Enjoy your day with your favorite music and the Best Music Downloader for Android.

And more...

- Works on tablets too.
- 18 preset music genres.
- Preview of the attached art to all songs/albums.
- Music is already organized in categories, so you can pick your favorite style in one click.
- Ability to play music in offline mode.
- Browse and play audio files by tracks, albums,artists, playlists in offline mode.
- Delete or set tracks as ringtone.
- Create or delete playlists.
- Random and shuffle play.
- Run/Play in background.
- Auto pause-resume music when call in and call out.
- Eye friendly colors!
- User friendly interface.

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Clean, powerfull and creative application.

  • It's massive!
    Search for new songs and artists all over the world. 18 pre set genres for your convenience.

  • It's safe!
    The Best Music Downloader app requres only basic permissions. No authentication or access to your accounts is required.

  • Turn the fresh mode on!
    Get the coolest music downloader for Android now, download .mp3 files to your device or play them online and listen to your favorite songs.

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Just a "Must have app" - It is probably the best one I've ever used.



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